Thursday, 19 June 2014

OPI - Parlez Vous OPI and Comparisons

Hi Goddesses

Today's post is a special one.  Why?  Because it features OPI's classic polish, Parlez Vous OPI, which was really my point of no return as a polishaholic.

I got PVOPI when I bought a bulk load of polishes off eBay.  Someone had just closed their salon and was selling off their stock, and in my box I got the Spain Collection, South Beach, and France, from where PVOPI comes.

I alrady loved purple polish by then, and had been looking for a polish that wasn't purple, but wasn't pukey lilac either.  One that had depth, but wasn't too bright; and one that was subtle and classy without being insipid.  In PVOPI I met my inner goddess.

There's something about this polish that's pure perfection for me - that beautiful blend of lilac and grey to create something cool and sophisticated and yes, a little bit haughty.    Interestingly, whenever I pull this polish out of my box, it's darker than I last remember it, but no less beautiful.

It's also one of the true legendary OPI polishes (so many of you ask if anyone has one they're willing to sell), as well as being a polish that spawned a thousand imitations, which brings us to the 2nd part of this post.

When the OPI Miss Universe Collection came out last year, all I wanted to know was whether OPI I'm Feeling Sashy was a dupe for PVOPI.  I read blog post after blog post, but no one seemed to address the question, so ..... yup, had to buy it, just to check lol.

So, who are our contenders?
PVOPI is on the ring finger
FNUG Front Row is on the index
I'm Feeling Sashy is on all the others - thumb, middle, pinkie

So no, they're not dupes lol.  In some lights they look closer, but Sashy is probably more of a dupe for the FNUG than PVOPI.

I think these photos highlight the cooler tones of PVOPI.

Is PVOPI on your lemming list?

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