Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Rococo Nail Art Using the Sam Biddle Nail Art Pen

Hi Goddesses

Oooof, sorry this is so late, but tired doesn't even BEGIN to cover how I feel today.  I think the weekend has well and truly caught up with me, and by the time I had tried to de-dupe a spreadsheet, I was only a heartbeat away from a coma lol.  So ... one loooooong nap later, here we are :)

This post has been waiting a little while, which is rare for something I really really liked when I did it.  This is a gradient done with 2 Rococo Nail Apparel polishes - T-Cup and Hot Pants - with some doodling on top with Rococo Hip Hop.

Because of the nap, I'm not quite as organised tonight as I want to be, but this was the first mani I did using the Sam Biddle nail art pen (website photo rather than my own).

For me, fine lines in my nail art is my holy grail, and I received this for review with open arms.  I'm still playing with it, so I am not totally offering an opinion yet, but I did feel this mani had more precision than some of my others.  There will be a full review coming soon.

Overall, I just loved the combo of these 3 colours - hot and cold and summer all over :)

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