Saturday, 7 June 2014

SIMPLES - Week 4 - Saran Wrap

Hi Goddesses

I hope you're well. The weather here today in the UK is SHOCKING - grey, humid, raining ... ugh.  Nasty.

So, we've spent the last 3 weeks doing nail art which basically involves just painting your nails - something so simples, everyone can do it :)
Week 1 - Plain Accent Nail
Week 2 - Plain Skittle
Week 3 - Ombre

Today we're doing a Saran Wrap, which is one of the simplest ways to wear 2 polishes together.  It also creates a beautiful mottled / marbled effect that I love.

What Is A Saran Wrap?

The Saran Wrap mani takes its name from the fact that Saran Wrap - or cling film, if you're in the UK - is used in the process.  It doesn't have to be though.  I personally use bubble wrap and I know other people who have used crumpled paper and crumpled foil to achieve similar effects.

Before we watch the video, here are the basic steps - 
* paint nails one colour
* once dry, add a splodge of polish in a different colour
* immediately use a small ball of wadded saran wrap / whatever to move the polish around the nail, using a dabbing / bouncing method
* add top coat
* relax and drink vodka whilst mani dries

Let's watch shall we?

If It Goes Wrong

Hell, we're not perfect!  If you find you have too much of your second colour, or you've been a bit heavy handed, just add a small splodge of your first colour, and repeat the process until the mani feels more balanced.

If you used a top coat after your first polish, you could also try removing some of the top layer with acetone and a nail art brush or cotton bud.

And don't forget, you can always add a 3rd colour if you're really fancy!  Let's look at some examples - 

Just this week, Loqi did this great design for Love, Varnish, Chocolate and More -

From my friend Emma at Manicurity, this stunner (proving a colour clash works brilliantly).

And I love this neon knockout from Aubrey Hannah -

By the way - a little warning before you Google "saran wrap" - some very ahem "strange" photos come up lol.

Next week we start 4 weeks of basic dotting techniques - see you there!

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