Friday, 13 June 2014

The Digit-al Dozen DOES Metal - Missy's Metal

Hi Goddesses

Today's post is one tinged with a hint of sadness.  I hope the sadness is short-lived, but I daren't hope too hard.

You may have noticed this week that one member has been missing - the insanely creative Missy from Gnarly Gnails, who is also probably my closest polish bestie.

Missy is having one of those times when a lot of life is attacking her at once, and quite rightly, she has scaled back everything non-essential so that she has more time to deal with real-life things.

Cutting back meant cutting back on the DD too, and whilst I 100% understand her reasons, I miss my polish twin sooooo much.  I hope she manages to get through these current struggles, and that once she has, she might return to us, her DD family.

I had always planned to do this mani this week, after I saw Missy do it for for DD Texture Week, but given the circumstances, it seemed even MORE appropriate.

Missy did a genius, creative version.  Me, lacking her time and talent, did stamping!  I found this image on a very old stamping plate - large Cheeky plate A.

I used 2 tones of silver.  The thumb, index and middle have OPI Haven't the Foggiest on base, with Barry M Silver Foil stamping, and then the ring and little fingers are reversed.  I was quite relieved this showed up as much as it did.

I hope you've enjoyed this week.  I really feel I've attacked it with more creativity than I've shown in a LOOOONG time.  Which was your favourite mani?

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