Sunday, 15 June 2014

The Secret Diary of a Polishaholic: OMG : MORE OPI !!!

Hi Goddesses


January – February 2011

Now let me be clear, this is Jo’s Fault.  Not mine, Jo’s.  If she hadn’t forced me to wear top coat , I would never have gone back to eBay and now I am sat here crying because all the new polishes no longer fit in the box I have for them!!!  Waaaaaah.

It’s ok, there’s only 40, which is NOTHING, and they do look prettier now that they are a bigger family, but now I need a bigger box.

So, anywaaaaay, on Jo’s instruction I bought top coat and base coat.  I sat and spent half an hour making a nail polish sandwich.  Went to bed, woke up with imprints from the duvet on one of my nails – how’d that happen – and … dadah …. Yep, still chipped by the end of the day.  

I am beginning to think that me and nail polish are not made for each other.  Stick, goddammit, stick!  You stay on Jo’s nails all week, stay on mine at least 2 days !!

Grrrr.  Back to eBay – oooooooh, haven’t seen THAT colour before – and buy some OPI Chip Skip.  Hurrah, all problems will solved!

Were they bollocks.  Chip Skip – skip STRAIGHT to chips!  This is worse than before!!!  My polish is peeling off in big flakes, waaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

Also, Chip Skip is THE weirdest thing.  It does not apply like polish, but looks like water, and kind of fades and dribbles away.  It never LOOKS like you’ve put it on, which is maybe why it’s shit .. but, yeh, WEIRD.

I walk in to work and demand a conversation with Jo – “well it’s not MY fault” she states, probably quite reasonably.  “Maybe your nails are just greasy / naturally repellent.”


So I pretty much give up on the base coat and top coat after that.  If it’s gonna chip regardless, might as well cut out half the bullshit.  And I go back to my usual exotic half-chipped manis.

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