Sunday, 22 June 2014

The Secret Diary of a Polishaholic: OMG – Google Images

Hi Goddesses

But things are different now.  Jo has opened the OPI door, and I have walked through to the amazing polish Narnia on the other side.   And one day, Jo makes her biggest mistake – “have you seen the latest OPI Collection?”

What? What now?  Wuh ?  What?  They do COLLECTIONS??!!  Jo tells me OPI release collections throughout the year – 3 or 4 of them …. I am in awe and shock.  This is like Cadburys releasing new chocolate bars throughout the year.  

A never ending supply of NEW????   Hello Narnia!

Jo doesn’t have a picture to show me, so tells me to go on Google images, which I have never used before.  Apparently, you just type in OPI and the name of the polish and WOAH HO HO holy mother of Narnia what do we have here !!!

Oh my .. all these … so many …. Polishes … wow, never knew they …. So many colours ….. OMG.  And the best news is – I don’t own most of them !!  oh sweet hallelujah.

image source
And just like that, Google images becomes my porn.

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