Sunday, 29 June 2014

The Secret Diary of a Polishaholic: OMG – eBay

Hi Goddesses

OMG – eBay

So thanks to the nail porn that is Google Images, I find myself back on eBay.  Did you know that OPI have done collections like FOREVER and that some of them are really really awesome?  But they’re also really really old, so the chances of finding them are – oh, hello!

My downfall comes when I find there are people who sell not 1 polish on eBay, but LOADS.  Like 10 or 20 or 50 or 100, because they are closing their salon or whatever (frankly, I don’t really care what their reason is).

I buy a job lot of 40 polishes for the ridiculous price of £80 – that’s £2 each, people!!  Bargain or what!!!!!

When the box arrives, I find the France Collection, the Spain Collection, the South Beach Collection … oh momma, wow!  I never knew polish could be this … gulp.

Each exit from the box is greeted with an oooh or an aaaah or a woah or an OMG when I discover Parlez Vous OPI, and I line them up neatly on the dining table so that I can ogle them.  And drool.  We are definitely drooling.

Inevitably, I do not like some of my new children.  There are nasty blues and greens, and see through nudey stuffs – pah! – and when I am giddily scrolling through eBay for MORE bargains, I notice that one of the ones I don’t like is for auction at £6 so far – that’s £4 more than I paid for it and therefore PROFIT.

And in one fell swoop, my addiction becomes a – cough – business venture – and I start seeking out job lots to buy, keeping the ones I love and selling the ones I don’t.   I find an amazing American seller who sells bundles of 50 old OPIs each Friday, and if I end up keeping more than I re-sell, well that isn’t a PROBLEM per se …. I just wish I knew where to put them ......

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