Sunday, 1 June 2014

The Sunday Rambler - End Of May

Hi Goddesses

How are you?  I thought I'd drop in for a chat, as it's been a couple of weeks since I've been back in the blogging saddle.

Touch wood, but so far, everything's going g-REAT!   I've loved what I've blogged, I've had fun doing my nails, and it hasn't felt like a chore ONCE.  There have been a few days when I haven't blogged, or when I have decided sleep or watching The Hunger Games (again) with Beth is more important, and do you know what - it's been fine :) 

The best thing is that the rest has really re-charged my head!  I have so many nail ideas in my brain that I bet it smells of polish lol.   Also, as I've been falling asleep, it's colours and patterns that I've seen, on loop, and that's not happened in a very very long time.

Upshot?  If you feel you're burning out, take a break.  Honestly, it works wonders.   Also, and this is funny, for the month I was off, I didn't lose a single Facebook follower, yet now I'm back they seem to be leaving by the dozen haha.   But - and this is gooooood news - it's not bothering me.  Hurrah!

I've also been purchasing - whoops! - and have had a pretty epic spend on stamping plates.  As well as the latest MoYous, I finally bought -

the Pueen whole plate designs
Cici & Sisi
Lily Anna
and Messy Mansion

I'll probably do a separate post on these.

All in all, very excited for these brands and the playtimes that lie ahead.

Polishwise, I am currently owning a lot of Powder Perfect, as every review of them seems amazing, and I also bought some Loaded Lacquer - I blame her sensational bottle shots.  I also - finally - have a ton of Glam Polish on the way :)

All in all, I think this is the most energised and excited I've felt about blogging in the longest time - probably a year or so.  My mind is tumbling with colours and ideas - and it's all coming readily.  Compare this to 4 months ago when having an idea was like trying to give birth to a watermelon.

I hope you enjoy the stuff I have coming up.  I'm delighted so many of you are loving SIMPLES and joining in.  Now my only problem is how to empty the vault. I have about 34 folders in there, and some folders contain multiple swatches.  Oy oy oy - double posting may be the ONLY way to go.

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