Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Vault Week - Literary Lacquers - Amnesia Euphoria Ecstasy

Hi Goddesses

Day 2 of Vault Week features surely the longest time EVER for a Literary Lacquers post to go live!

Amy created Amnesia Euphoria Ecstasy as a Limited Edition for her 40th birthday in August and sent me a bottle as a gift.  The polish is her usual gorgeous product, and the only reason this got vaulted was because I wasn't totally happy with the stamping.

AEE is a glorious dark blue holo, kind of like dark denim, but crucially, much colder in tone than most blues currently out there.  As you can see, the bend is incredible, and I should have just sucked it up and released it as "just" a swatch post.

Because I love Amy so much, I decided to stamp it with a star pattern from MoYou Back To The 70s 02 - and that's where it went "not right" lol.

The star was symbolic - Amy is a star, a shining light, and for me she is a real star of the indie scene.   However, the silver I used for the stamping couldn't fight against the bend of the holo, and in the end it looked .... incomplete.

Still, that polish .... good that.

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