Saturday, 26 July 2014

Celestial Cosmetics - Lulin and Metoeroid

Hi Goddesses

Today we have the final post on the Celestial Cosmetics polishes I was sent for review, and they're both Green!   However, as you'll see, they are about as far apart as 2 greens can be.

We start with Lulin, a lovely emerald green glitter.  Whilst *I* am never going to genuinely love this, I do think it's pretty.

I love the shimmer of yellow in certain lights, but mostly I love those flashes of turquoise, which are just spectacular.   Great polish, but too green for me!

Metoeroid however is another beast entirely.  I oohed when I first saw this.  In the bottle it's kind of a molten, poisonous sand colour, and I was fascinated by it.

On the nail, I realised that was only half the picture.  Whilst this rests in a green state (and also has a lot of toxic green shimmer), this has a galactic spacedust quality that makes it try to bend to purple and even steely blue.

My photos have struggled to capture the entire rainbow of sludged up tones this polish moves through, but at work, in indirect light, I had a lot of the steely colours, which I loved.

I'm fascinated by this polish.  Whilst it's not a colour I would choose, it piques my curiosity, and I was often surprised by the colour it had shifted to.  You can see a lot of brown echoes in these photos, but trust me that there were purple and grey edges too.

I've loved all the polishes I was sent for review.  The holos were SPECTACULAR and well worth your money if you're looking to expand your collection.  The 2 duochromes were a delight AND they were complex, and the glitter applied really smoothly, and had extra layers of interest to it.

You can buy Nicky's amazing polishes HERE and follow her on Facebook HERE.

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