Tuesday, 8 July 2014

China Glaze City Flourish Pastel Flowers with MM20

Hi Goddesses

I am currently more in love with stamping than I've ever been.  I thought last year was a great year for stamping, but this year the plates seem to be more imaginative ... and the ladies do too.

I am currently obsessed with Messy Mansion plate MM20, and every time I see someone use it, I am blown away.  Cue this mani, which is probably the quickest mani I have ever done.  There I was, watching another MM20 mani materialise in my newsfeed, looked at my nekkid nails and within 20 mins I had this - and I LOVES IT !!

As its base, this has a broad brushstroke base using 6 of the China Glaze City Flourish polishes - 
* At Vase Value
* Lotus Begin
* In A Lily Bit
* Petal To The Metal
* Spring In My Step 
* Peonies & Park Ave

I thought you might want to see what the base looked like before I stamped on it - so scuse the bad lighting.

I then stamped with white Konad and after I had Poshe'd, added a coat of Northern Lights to give it a twinkle.

I absolutely love it, although I do wish the white had stood out more.  Also, the colours remind me of Koi Carp manis lol.  Either way, this is sooooo summery, and so pretty.

Hold on to your hats, because there's LOTS more MM20 on the way :)

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