Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Crows Toes - Indian Summer

Hi Goddesses

So last week, I caused a bit of furore on the blog when I posted a swatch of Prana by Nire's Desires and declared it better than Indian Summer.

The lovelies in the Crows Toes Minions group disagreed with me - and that's fine, as each to her own opinion.  Also, there is no denying Crows Toes polishes are the bomb.  I've been a huge supporter of Lauri's polishes since the start, and indeed, many of her polishes have made it into my end of year Bests lists.

I'm not going to do the Prana / Indian Summer comparison today (today we're just going to linger over IS), but more than anything I want to stress that just as with people, you can love more than 1 polish at a time, and whilst you may love one polish more, that doesn't have to mean you love the other polish much less.

Let me confuse you more lol.  I actually really like Indian Summer.  These photos are some of the best I have ever taken, and it's much better than the similar ILNP version.

There is a lot of exquisite stuff going on - the shimmer, the shift and the varying hues of violet and purple.  I mean, look at these photos, what's not to love?

Well in the end, I think it comes down to personal taste.  Whilst I do have the utmost admiration for this polish, it doesn't speak to me the way Prana does.  Personally - for me - this rests too much on it's violet laurels, and has a metallic brashness that didn't sit well on me.  Don't get me wrong, in other lights it was absolutely perfect, but my personal issue with duochromes is that you're often stuck with them in a certain kind of shade-lock, and where this one stuck wasn't the shade I wanted it to settle on.

Very soon, I'll have the comparison post, and as requested, I'll also include a couple of other similar polishes.   Is Indian Summer gorgeous?   Absolutely.    Am I glad I bought it?   Yes.   In fact, I'd give it a 9/10, and that's where I'm going to leave it before we do the comparisons.

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