Thursday, 24 July 2014

GOT Polish - Holo - Chirality Bloodshot and Apollonia

Hi Goddesses

Ugh, today was an utter sweat box at work.  No air con, no windows, fans swilling the warm air round like a fan oven .... luckily an hour in an ice cold bubble bath has helped.  Result!

Now this may surprise you, but I do have actual untried holo polishes in my stash. I know!   Often, I forget they're there, in the untried box, and these ones have been sat there so long, they're even the old bottle shape!

Let's start with Chirality Bloodshot, part of my "perfect red holo" quest.  This is a lot more intense than most reds I own, so much so that I would hesitate to call it red.

This is oxblood, deep and dark, and yet, as you can see, it holds a surprising amount of light.   This is deeply saturated, almost burgundy.

Apollonia - I bought this cos it was purple DUH but actually it's more of an indigo.  There are definite blue tones in there, like very dark jeans.

In fact, it's almost like the purple equivalent of dark denim lol, or the purple version of navy.    Again, for a dark polish, this holds a LOT of light.

Although both of these polishes are from Chirality's original range, they are both still part of the product line.  For those of you who prefer your holo scattered, you can't do much better than this :)

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