Thursday, 10 July 2014

GOT Polish - Lime - Barry M Gelly Key Lime

Hi Goddesses

As you know, I'm not big on the greens, but there is something about the obnoxiousness of a lime green that I really love, even if they don't necessarily suit ME.

To be honest, today's choice was simple - I only have 2 lime greens, both by Barry, and this one is by far the superior  (oh, I also have Lilypad Slimey Limey, but I only got that this year).

I stamped over Key Lime with another Messy Mansion plate (MM12) (yup, obsessed) and then something interesting happened.  Until now, that would have been it.  I painted, I stamped, I stopped.  But looking at the mani, it seemed really naked and in need of .... embellishment.

For me, that's a sign of how the ladies who stamp have really raised the bar this year.  I'm seeing stuff I've never seen before that is just sooooo gorgeous and so layered .... so I picked up a strange little green polish I have by Daring Digits called Fallen Leaves, which is a barely-there green filled with holographic micro glitter.

I used a thin nail art brush to paint between the lines, and I gotta say, it looks so much better for the embellishment, doesn't it. 

So, stamping .. I'm getting more adventurous.  Let the good times begin!

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