Saturday, 5 July 2014

JORD Wood Watch - Nail Art and Giveawaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

Hi Goddesses

As you know, as a blogger, I often receive products to review.   What I choose to review is usually about a third of what I am offered, because all I am interested in (and all I assume YOU are interested in) is nail art and nail polish.

For that reason, I turn down cosmetics, hair products, sunglasses, fashion, ipad covers, sunglasses again, nail wraps (cos I suck at those), sunglasses AGAIN ..... but JORD, well, they broke me.

So why am I reviewing a wooden watch?  Well along with my obsession for polish, stationery and handbags, I am obsessed with watches.  Large chunky ones.  I can chart the phases of my life by the watches I wore.  But the one I remember the most, and have the most nostalgia for, is a Tissot wood watch I owned about 20 years ago.  It was soooo unique - until the strap fell off and couldn't be replaced - and I have never seen anything like it.  Until now.

So, because I desperately wanted a wood watch again, I caved, and when they said I could also give one away to my readers, I figured that soothed my soul a little :)  However, I don't think for a second that I expected to receive such a quality product.

I chose the Sully watch in Natural Green.   It has the feel of a hand-crafted product, and it's beautiful.  Most of the watches are unisex, and as I have ENORMOUS paws, that means this watch fits me - yay!

I most love the bracelet - the crafting here blows me away - and free product or no free product, I love it, have worn it with love and pride, and everyone who has seen it has been blown away too.

I thought I'd do some nail art to go with it, to justify it being on a nail art blog lol, and went for some wooden nails.    I started with a yellowy base to reflect the warmth of my watch's dial, and then splodged various taupes and browns on top to get a more varied look.

I then stamped using MoYou Pro 05.  It wasn't until I got it on my nails that it occurred to me that this is maybe a peacock pattern, not wood, but I think it still works.  Yes?

Aftewards, it looked a bit too neat, so I distressed it a little with some acetone and a cotton bud - a tiny detail that made a lot of difference - and finally some matte top coat.

I'm quite pleased with the overall result, and the matte top coat really made them look like wooden nail wraps.

So, now your chance to win!  You can check out the full range of Jord watches HERE and take a look at the gallery below -

Finally, here's the Giveaway - it will run until Sunday the 20th July when I will announce the winner.  It's open internationally - good luck!

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