Sunday, 6 July 2014

Jungle-icious - Saran Wrap Stamping

Hi Goddesses

I honestly don't know how much blog there will be this week.  I have heaps of stuff prepared, lots of lovely ideas .... and zero inclination to do anything other than loll about doing absolutely nothing!  I will try to chastise myself into some posts, but I may just need a little time out, so bear with me.

I really love today's mani.  It's quite different for me, and it works in a very unexpected way.

This started out as the Saran Wrap mani for Simples Week 4.  This was a base of Barry M Olive, topped with Essie Orange It's Obvious.

I then used my dark green Konad and this stamp from Cici & Sisi 03.  It's a lovely vaguely leafy image and it just FITS perfectly.

So overall, I really liked this one.  I am in love with my new stamping plates - Cici & Sisi, Lily Anna, Messy Mansion - and I really hope they're going to take my stamping to the next level.

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