Monday, 7 July 2014

Textured Fish Braid

Hi Goddesses

I originally did this mani a few weeks ago for Digit-al Dozen Texture Week, which I then had to drop out of.   I still can't decide whether I truly like it, but it does come with an interesting tale of caution.

First of all then, the details - this features 3 China Glaze Texture polishes - Unrefined, Bump and Grind and Toe-tally Textured.  All 3 are gorgeous and vibrant and play well together.

I've done Fish Braid manis before, mostly (but not always lol) successfully, but let me tell you, fishbraiding with a texture is totally different.

It's not impossible, but it's trickier, and that's why you'll see some bumps and divots in my mani.  Key things I learnt -

* textures dry differently
* don't try to go over what you've just painted whilst it's wet because it will drag and create bald spots
* don't try and go over what you've painted when it's dry either!!  This is because the texture flattens out on the 2nd application

Summary - it's a one-shot mani.  You need to do thickish swipes, and get them right first time lol.   I think the pay-off is worth it though, it just needs a bit more practice!

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