Tuesday, 15 July 2014

The Digit-al Dozen DOES Countries - Northern Lights

Hi Goddesses

You may have seen my joke mani for DD Week featuring a white mani as the Antarctic.   Bizarrely, a joke provided some inspiration, and as I thought about polar regions I thought of the Northern Lights and saw this photo on Google.

It appealed to my artistic sensibilities, such as they are.  Requirement for precision?  Low.  Opportunity to slop polish on randomly?  High.  Done.

For my base, I used the matte base of Barry M Espresso, and then I picked my Northern Lights.  I ended up settling for 3 Lilypad Lacquers - Slimey Limey, She's All That and Bubble Yummo.

Because I wanted a streaky effect and didn't want the colour to be too saturated, I mixed my polishes with top coat to thin them out.  I lined them up as if I were doing a gradient, looked for my fan brush, couldn't find it, gggggrrrr'd, picked up the largest brush I could find, and applied the polish in vertical lines.  I then added extra pink on top to create the effect seen in the original photo.

It's a really simple technique that created quite a spectacular mani - next week you'll see this as the base to possibly the best stamping mani I have ever done.

Bravo for the Northern Lights!   Don't forget to check out the other ladies :)

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