Wednesday, 16 July 2014

The Digit-al Dozen DOES Countries - Australia

Hi Goddesses

This is the final mani of the week that I utterly LOVE - the final 2 (which ironically were the first 2 I did) are sort of so-so / filler manis for me.  So behold the goodness whilst it lasts lol!

This mani .... oh it just works for me in so many ways.  It's in the gradient, with the subtle peek-a-boo of the holo, and it's in the matte stamping over the glossy base.  And who doesn't love a Kangaroo nail?

This started out as a mani of Double Shot of Sriracha by Loaded Lacquer.  Utterly goreous tomotoey-red-orange holo, and you'll see it in its solo glory soon.  On to this, I then gradiented Red Hot Ayers Rock by OPI, because the plan at that stage was to stamp the Ayers Rock image on MoYou Explorer 05.

On closer inspection, that image wasn't workable for me.  It would need to straddle 3 nails, and there were other images (from MoYou Explorer 06) that I really wanted to use.

There's just something about the overall composition of this mani that I love.  Can't put my finger on one thing, I think it's just one of those glorious occasions when the whole is more than the sum of the parts.

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