Friday, 22 August 2014

Celestial Metoeroid Vintage Stamping

Hi Goddesses

One of the challenges I find with stamping, is finding a pattern that is "holey" enough to still show the beauty of the polish underneath.  As stamping plates have evolved over the last year, the patterns have become more intricate and amazing, but it makes it hard if you want the polish itself to shine.

Metoeroid is a polish that needs to shine.  As you've seen before, it's an extra-terrestrial duochrome veering from toxic-sand-green to steely blue and stopping wherever it likes in between.

The pattern I finally landed on was this one from Lily Anna plate 15.   It's interesting on its own, and together, they meld beautifully, with the gold stamping polish beautifully drawing out the finer qualities of Metoeroid.

If you haven't discovered Lily Anna plates yet, I'm rather impressed with them so far.  The designs are that little bit different - and we all know how much I love different!

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