Monday, 4 August 2014

De-Vaulting - Cirque Fascination Street and Cape Liz

Hi Goddesses

Today's jaunt to the vault rescues some Cirque swatches from just over a year ago.

So why did these ones linger?  Well, Cirque is one of those brands I struggle with.  No matter how gorgeous they look on other people, I am just not slam-bammed when *I* wear them.  Maybe it's the indie equivalent of me not liking Essie, I don't know, but I am always slightly disappointed with my Cirques.

Fascination Street though is probably my favourite Cirque - dark purply bruisey mystery, what's not to love?  This one just suffered by comparison to all the other amazing purple holos I own.

Cape Liz I wanted to love, but look how flat it looks on my nail.  It had lovely sparkles, but they were a little shy, and in the end I decided I preferred Stormy Skies by Girly Bits.

Also, this separated dreadfully in the bottle, even though it was brand new.  Sad times, panda, sad times.

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