Wednesday, 6 August 2014

De-Vaulting - OPI Miss Universe 2013 Nail Art

Hi Goddesses

For the longest time I was determined not to buy last year's Miss Universe collection, but eventually and inevitably, I cracked.

Miss You-niverse - This Gown Needs A Crown - I'm Feeling Sashy 

As a trio, they are perfectly formed - the dark, the medium and the sparkly - and they are born to play together in the same mani.

For this mani I used the lovely Sashy on base, and then skittled over the top in a ruffle pattern.

As you've seen before, Sashy isn't a dupe for the classic Parlez Vous OPI, but it's a good substitute (and easier to get hold of).   Dusty purples are my weakness.  Sigh - what's not to love about this baby?

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