Tuesday, 19 August 2014

De-Vaulting The Polish Bar - Cloudy Skies, Open Sky, Ultra Violet, Violet Sky, Wistful

Hi Goddesses

The Polish Bar is one of my favourite polish brands, so how did these end up in the vault for a year?  Well originally I did these swatches to accompany the Crumpet Chats To that I did with Janice, but then discovered I couldn't be arsed to edit ALL the photos for the post lol ... and then there's this reason ....

First up we have Cloudy Skies.  This is a lovely cloudy speckled base, with larger blue-purple-violet hex glitters.

If you look closely, you'll observe a lovely yellow swathe on the middle nail.  I was cooking curry the same day and got some powder on my nails.   Until I saw the photos, I thought I'd managed to get it all off.  Ooops.

In my blue stash video I lamented the lack of variety in blue polishes, and how you never see one built on a more yellow base.  Well, I think this is why.

Open Sky does have yellower tones to it, and I just don't like what that does to my skin tone.  I love the glitter components in this polish, but I didn't love the base colour.

Ultra Violet is a glitter topper in a sheer pinkish base.   It's layered here over a Jade bright pink polish.

I didn't like this as much as I expected, but I was hesitant to add more.  I think I should have added more, to get more sparkliness.

Violet Sky - gah, I love this one.  I layered it over Sation Miss Emo Shun All and then matted it and ... well, it doesn't get more perfect.

Violet Sky is a glitter topper in various shades and sizes of blue and violet - love this combo.

Finally we have Wistful.  This is gorgeous.  A lovely creamy lilac base, littered with blue, pink and purple glitters.

A proper Crumpet polish if ever I saw one!

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