Wednesday, 6 August 2014

De-Vaulting - Too Fancy Lacquer Magnifique, Here Comes September and Sweet and Sour

Hi Goddesses

Today's trio of lusciousness is just too juicy and goddamn gorgeous for words!!  (not that that will stop me lol).

Magnifique c'est .... well it's too obvious to make that joke but bloody hell this is some polish.  I LOVE it.

This is similar to (but perhaps a tad darker than) Celestial Cosmetics Men of Mayhem and Darling Diva Room's On Fire.  All 3 have that divine myriad magenta going on, but Magnifique does seem to have some purple tones too.

For me, this polish is irresistible.  Can't.  Stop.  Staring.

Here Comes September is spectacular in a different way.  Whilst Magnifique is HAWT, this one is icy cool.

I can't believe a polish can be so cold in tone and yet still so full of fire.  What a fabulous trick.  Epic intensity.

And finally Sweet and Sour, a gorgeous little gem of a polish, overlooked in my opinion.

This is my current holy grail, the orange-red hybrid, and isn't she beautiful?  Lotsa love for this polish.  An instant happy face when I wear this one.

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