Wednesday, 20 August 2014

De-Vautling Cadillacquer Slice of Life and Easy As Pie

Hi Goddesses

2 gorgeous Cadillacquer polishes for you today.  Cadillacquer is one of my favourite brands, there's always a surprise somewhere in the polish - either a shimmer you weren't expecting or a perfectly chosen glitter.

Slice of Life was from the Dexter Collection - how could I resist?   Ha ha.  This is a lovely bright red with heavenly shimmer running through it.

My only disappointment about this polish was how sheer it was.  My nail line is very visible and I think I used 4 coats here, and it still wasn't quite enough.  I am hoping the polish thickens up a little with use, otherwise it will need undies (making it very similar to Butter London Disco Biscuit in opacity and content).

Easy As Pie is one of the earlier glitters.  Lilac, duh.  This is LOADED with beautiful glitters in various shapes and colours.

When she first started, this was Madeleine's staple polish - great base, great glitter combo - and I love seeing how she's really branched out from there to make some of the most beautiful polishes around.

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