Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Devaulting Pretty and Polished Day Trippin and Crush

Hi Goddesses

Pretty and Polished is one of the first indie brands I ever bought, and over the last almost 3 years I've seen it grow, diversify and lead.  Without some P&P polishes, I do believe the indie scene would be quite different, and this remains a brand that is always ahead of the curve.

Day Trippin is a glorious thermal that veers between hot pink and midnight purple.  I loved this polish, and it was like wearing a living gradient all day.

I found this one was quite happy to change colour when the temperature did, and I distinctly remember going into a warm meeting room, turning the air con up and then gasping 20 minutes later when my hand was totally purple lol.   Great polish.

Crush was part of my "perfect orange holo" crusade, but truth be told, it was a little TOO jaffa for me, and verges on neon.

Although it applied well, I didn't like how this looked against my skin tone.  Sure is pretty though.

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