Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Elevation Polish - Colline du Charf and Aiguilles d'Arves

Hi Goddesses

I own a LOT of Elevations - about 30 or so - yet hardly any of them have made it to the blog.  Why is that?  I have noooooo idea lol.  I'm a mysterious Crumpet!

Colline du Charf however is one of my favourite polishes.  I swatched this exactly a year ago, and it's just the perfect lilac.

As you know, I like my lilacs dusty or sludgey, and this is exquisite.  It's also super glossy, and super classy, and I couldn't get enough of this.

Aiguilles d'Arves I bought because it looked more burgundy on my friends who already had it.  On me, it leans much more brown, and lacked the warmth I saw elsewhere (probably my albino skin tone leeching the life out of it).

That said, this IS a rare and beautiful polish, albeit not a particularly Crumpet-y one.

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