Saturday, 30 August 2014

GOT Polish and Purple Birthday Nails !!!!!!!!

Hi Goddesses

Happy Sunday!!  I hope you’re having a relaxing weekend.  As a lot of you know, Friday was my birthday, and I wanted to do some epic nails for the day.  I even made sure the GOT Polish prompt was purple so that I could be all colour co-ordinated.

I was very smitten with a mani that Chalkboard nails did a couple of weeks ago – HERE – and couldn’t get it out of my head.  In the end, I didn’t go for a copycat mani, but it was definitely my jumping off point.

I decided it was a great excuse to use some of my favourite purples, and used 11, plus the gold.  Sadly, it’s not my Top 11 purples because I decided to exclude glitters and holos.

Let’s run through the combos first –

·       Base polish – Cult Nails My Kind of Cool Aid – all time classic perfect lilac!
·       Thumb – Wet n Wild Buffy The Violet Slayer and Contrary Polish Purple Smoke
·       Index – OPI Grape Set and Match and OPI You’re Such a Budapest – tonally, I don’t think Budapest worked
·       Middle – China Glaze Let’s Groove (sooooo under-rated) and OPI Planks A Lot which was too similar to the base polish – you can barely see it lol
·       Ring – Rimmel Punk Rock and Indigo Bananas Hole In The Sky
·       Pinkie – OPI Who Are You Wearing and Sally Hansen Delphinium
·       Gold – OPI Love Angel Music Baby

Overall, I love the mani, and I am really chuffed I tried something more intricate, even though it’s not perfect.  It’s funny what the camera picks up – in the photos all I see is how the under-locking near the cuticle looks like I’ve missed something in clean up!

I had to matte this because there was just no seeing the pattern when it was glossy – mainly because a lot of the colours are so similar.  I prefer the darker nails – they definitely have more drama – and if I was going to do it again, I’d keep to that colour scheme.

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