Friday, 1 August 2014

GOT Polish - Glitter Topper - Happy Hands Motherboy

Hi Goddesses

Woah, we are at the END of the week!  And you know what happens at the end of the week?  The weekend!!!  Wooohoooo.  Luckily, I have the next 2 weeks off work, which gives me 17 days in the nail room.  Wow, I just don't know HOW I'll fill my days lol.

This week's GOT Challenge was glitter topper, and it was with shame that I realised how many I had to choose from!   I fell out of love with glitters about a year ago and haven't bought *that* many since, but I still had a whole heap of them in my untrieds!

I chose Motherboy by Happy Hands because I love Happy Hands - both the name and the polish - and I haven't worn all the pretties I bought some time ago.

Motherboy is a lovely pastel glitter, full of muted, but not dull, shades, and in a mix of shapes - including squares!

The glitter looked like petals to me, so I chose a green base, and went with another untried - Cuernos del Paine, from Elevation Polish, although I'm not completely sure it's a yearling.

C del P is a yellowish green (surprise - I don't really have any of them in my stash lol) and I bought it perhaps thinking it would be a bit mintier.  Although the colour is nice, it's not really me.  Application was as great as you would expect though.

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