Sunday, 3 August 2014

ILNP Sirene and Undenied

Hi Goddesses

Today I have 2 ILNP polishes to share with you which Barbra kindly added to an order I placed with her a couple of months ago.

At the time, there was a massive hooooha about them as they were not just duochromes, oh no, they are ULTRA chromes.  So is there really a difference?

Personally, I don't think so.  I think it's clever marketing, and it makes people feel they're getting something more than the norm.   These 2 polishes have the same qualities as other duochromes, and you will love or hate them for the same reasons you do other duochromes.

That said, Sirene does have more colour-changing properties than most duochromes, and this is where ILNP has deserved the ULTRA tag, by increasing the rainbow on the nail.   Sirene veers from green to aqua to violet, and occasionally can really take your breath away.

That said, I had to really pull some contortions to get the best photos here, and let me be clear, they are not hand positions I would be using in real life, so if you're wearing this polish, it's hard to observe its true beauty unless you want your hand to do backflips.

Undenied is, for me, a disapointment.  There is no ULTRA happening here.  This is essentially a reddish-purple duochrome, but I didn't like where it settled in the spectrum.

This lacks the subtlety of Crows Toes Indian Summer or Nire's Desire Prana, and also seemed overly metallic to me.

Duochromes - if only they'd settle on the colour you want them to!  Grrrrrrr.

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