Monday, 25 August 2014

Indigo Bananas Summer Rains Collection

Hi Goddesses

I have some gorgeous gorgeous GORGEOUS polishes for you today, which were sent to me by one of my favourite brands, Indigo Bananas.

If you haven’t yet bought yourself a bunch of bananas lolololol this quartet might be what tips you over the edge.  These are flakies and they are all just spectacular.

Molten Universe is an orange flakie.  The orange is beautiful – intense but not too bright – but it’s the extra magic that makes it so special.

Not only are there flakies, will you look at that pink shimmer!  It takes my breath away as it twinkles there, like magical fairy dust.

Reign was the one I expected to love the most, yet didn’t.  A word here about the photos – in real life, this was totally opaque, so please ignore how the camera has thinned this out around the edges.

This is a deep burgundy with mainly golden and fiery flakies.  I imagine it creates a similar effect to Barielle Elle’s Spell which er is still untried in my stash ….

Acid Ocean was the one that took my breath away when I saw others swatch it.  It’s a teal, petrol flakie – just look at those flashes of toxic green.

Sadly, this leaned really green on me.  I’d have preferred it to stay in the edgier teal zone, so I might layer it next time. The nail art possibilities for this polish are endless.

And finally, my favourite.  Because I own All The Purples, I honestly thought twice about asking Andrea to send this one, but I am so glad she did.  This goes right to the top of my list of epic, amazing and timeless purples.

Hole In The Sky is a beautiful lilac-violet – giddily bright and happy, and a stunning shade on its own.  The flakies in this one predominantly show in coppery tones and the combination is just … honestly, it knocked me sideways.

I love Indigo Bananas.  Andrea has a great knack of creating interesting polishes that don’t rely on a crapton of glitter, and she’s really knocked the ball out of the park with these ones.  You can follow her on Facebook here and buy yourself a gorgeous bunch of Bananas HERE.

These polishes were sent to me for an honest review.

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