Monday, 11 August 2014

Mentality - Allure, Overcast, Monsoon, Sly

Hi Goddesses

Today I have some more Mentality nail polishes for you which have been lingering and loitering in the vault.

First up we have Allure, a delicious, dark, decadent ruby which is just oooh lala.

It's stunning, matte, opaque in one coat and glosses up magically.  Just epic.

Overcast you've seen before - this is a rich green rind of a colour, so dark it's unfathomable.  

The magic in this polish comes from the gold speckling.  Again, opaque in one coat.

Monsoon - wow.  Will you look at these photos.  Essentially, this is a browny purple - dark - but get closer and there is an INSANE amount of speckled magic going on.  

This polish fascinates me, I love it to pieces.  Again, opaque in one coat, and a matte stunner which looks just as / more glorious with its top coat on.

Finally Sly, an older polish.  A lovely hot house pink, with a scattered holo topping.

You really need to get aboard the Mentality train if you've not joined it yet.  If you're in the UK, you can scoop em all up at Sally Magpies.

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