Sunday, 24 August 2014

NAYLL - Make Your Own Polish part 2 - The Glitters

Hi Goddesses

Yesterday I showed you the shimmer polishes I got to make with the wonderful Nayll, and today it’s the turn of the glitters!

Just a few reminders from yesterday’s post –
·       you go to the Nayll website HERE, choose a base for your polish and then add either shimmers or glitters to create your chosen polishbomb. 
·       Not only that, you then get to name it – Suzi eat your heart out!
·       Not only that, the product is "5 Free" and is vegan and cruelty free! 

The first glitter I made was a fun topper, full of my favourite colours and CIRCLES !!!!  This is called Pop Tart.

This had red, pink and white dot glitter and purple diamonds, and I love this happy combo!  It’s layered here over OPI Monsooner or Later with a coat of Poshe on top.

Then I tried to make my perfect “kitchen sink” / Glittering Crowd glitter and called it Darkheart.

This featured as much as I could throw in lol – mainly in SQUARES.  I loved the variety of glitters too – I think it’s quite important to have some small shapes in there to balance out your dramatic stuff, and you can see that with this glitter.

Finally … my favourite … Blood n Bones which I created for Beth.  She’s obsessed with vampires at the moment so I wanted to create something bloody but girly.

This used a coloured base and then I added holographic glitter and black glitters – especially those diamonds!

On the thumb, index and middle finger there are 3 coats, 1 coat on the ring and 2 on the pinkie.  Beth is just wearing one coat on her nails.

I used the Nayll Smooth It Out Glitter top coat with this mani and it did level the glitters out, and make them a lot less "crunchy".  As you can see though, the top coat isn’t super shiny, so I think next time I would use Poshe on top as well.

Overall, I couldn’t be more impressed with the Nayll experience.  It’s a great idea, a FUN idea, an addicitive idea, and it’s just so enjoyable to sit there and be a potions master!  I said yesterday it’s like a grown up’s sweet shop and it is – it’s just a delight.

The product is professional and I love that you can name your polishes too.  There is NOTHING I wouldn’t recommend about Nayll, and I think it’s a great gift idea too for those girls and ladies you might otherwise struggle to buy for cos they already own all the polishes (er, who would that be lol).

You can go and check out the Nayll website HERE and go on, have some fun!

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