Wednesday, 20 August 2014

New Series - Four Play with Indigo Bananas Chill Out

Hi Goddesses

Is it a new series?  I dunno, but it's a cool title, isn't it hahah.  Basically, I had a mani that I did in 4 steps, which means you could use the same mani to create a different look every single day for 4 days (AND it used 4 polishes) and I thought Four Play sounded funny .... giggles.

I used to do something similar called Recycled Nails, and I know a few other bloggers have done something similar.  I still love the concept, so here we go.

Day 1 - Start off simple, with a plain swatch.

This is the GLORIOUS OPI Planks A Lot, still one of my favourite polishes.  I don't think I'll EVER get bored with this.

Beautiful tone of purple, perfectly pastel without being pukey, and shiny as a bald man's head.

Day 2 - Painted Gradient

I've briefly shown painted gradients before.  Stupidly, I didn't take many photos here, but basically, the base polish now has Illamasqua Grab painted over it.

Day 3 - Glitter Topper

Now the fun part - the glitter.  Until 2 days later when you realise you started with base coat and not PVA .....

This is a beautiful glitter from Indigo Bananas called Chill Out.  It's full of white and silver loveliness - very icy, very shimmery too.

I absolutely loved this look.

Day 4 - Matte Top Coat

I seem to be a meme at the moment, running around (well, maybe not running), screaming Matte All The Things!   I'm utterly obsessed with the qualities a matte polish brings to a mani, and I just can't get enough of them at the moment.

Another bonus - for photography, matte top coats sometimes give the best results.  Whilst in real life I definitely preferred the mani glossy, in photos, I prefer the finished version.

So, why bother, why do 4 manis like this?  Well, we're all busy.  Nail art is great (even though this is not art, per se), but it can take time.  This way, you divide the time required into little bite sized chunks - plus, you get chance to experiment!

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