Thursday, 21 August 2014

Old School OPI - Charge It In Milan and Russian To A Party

Hi Goddesses

2 very old OPIs today - not only that, they're sim-i-larrrrr lol.

I think I only bought these because I found an eBay seller selling old OPIs at a ridiculously low price.  Also, I'm a sucker for old OPIs - they always seem that little bit more imaginative and magical.

Charge It In Milan is just stellar.  A rich burnt orange this has more shimmer than you can shake a shimmery stick at as you pass through Shimmer Town.  It just vibrates with beauty.


Russian To A Party suffers by comparison.  Essentially it's the same polish, just not as good.  The colour is weaker, as is the magical shimmer.

It's still beautiful, but CIIM is the one you want to try and lay paws on.

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