Saturday, 9 August 2014

SIMPLES - Week 9 - Splodging

Hi Goddesses

Today's mani is a really happy one.  It's fun to do, there's no way you can do it wrong, and the final result is gorgeous either on its own, or as the base for further nail art.

I first "splodged" over 2 years ago.  I'd been intrigued by some of the bases the stamping goddesses were creating, and wondered what it would be like to do a base with a variety of colours.

I was smitten with the overall effect, and I've used it a few times since, earning the name Queen of Splodging in the process lol.  You can see some examples and a previous tutorial HERE.

I've never done a splodge that I didn't love.  I'm a random, messy person, so I love the effect you get here.

Here's the video -

A couple of "educational" photos - particularly look at how the entire look of the mani changes once you add top coat.

And finally - my tools -

I can't wait to see what you come up with.  See you later in group!

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