Monday, 11 August 2014

The Digit-al Dozen DOES Summer - Funky Strawberries

Hi Goddesses

Here we are, back with another DD Week and - funny story - I started out with zero inspiration for this Summer theme, and in the end had enough idea for about 20 manis, so don't be surprised if this theme continues after this week!

I'm not gonna lie, I hate summer.  My body is just not built for it.  I burn, I sweat, I dehydrate ... ugh it's just one long tolerance test for me.  I'm always envious of those who cartwheel through summer like it's something to be enjoyed :)

A lot of my inspiration for this theme came from Pinterest, and today is the first of those.  I originally wanted to avoid fruit and "obvious" summer manis, but I feel in love with this funky strawberry design.

I love that it's off colour, and that it has a slight messiness to it.  For my mani I used a base of Sally Hansen Lavender Cloud (if there was lavender in there, I didn't see it) and then did my strawberries with .... OPI Strawberry Margarita lol.

Finally the edging was added with a super skinny brush and a purple acrylic paint.

Dont' forget to check out what my fellow partners in crime are up to - 

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