Saturday, 27 September 2014

13 Days of Halloween - Day 1 - Different Dimension - Spooky Spooky Collection

Hi Goddesses

Today I am super excited to share Different Dimension's Spooky Spooky Halloween Collection with you.  I've been a fan for the longest time, but it's been a while since I received polishes for review.  And let me tell you - these do NOT disappoint.

Werewolves of London - ok, how many of you just went "how-woooo!" ? lol.   This is orange holo turned up to spectacular.

Let me define "spectacular" - this has a glow and a showiness to it that is electric.  There's a real warmth to this orange, and it was a real show off for the camera.

Not only that, it *may* have wrested the title of "best orange holo ever" from Literary Lacquers' More Like Fire Than Light - I'll need to do a comparison post to be sure, but this is incredible.  Even if you don't usually buy Halloweenies, you NEED this in your stash.

Dragula - gah, this is SUCH  fun polish.  This is an orange and black glitter, filled with electric light, which sits in a subtle orange syrup.

As you can see, I expected this to be a bit threadbare, which is why 3 of the nails are layered.  I have Essie Orange It's Obvious on the thumb, white on the index and black on the middle, with just one coat of Dragula.  As you can see on the ring and pinkie - 2 coats is all that's required for full opacity.

I love that this also looks like ground down crunchy autumn leaves.   And I think this blurred shot is my favourite.

The final orange is Ghostbusters - this is a glow in the dark polish, but I don't have that covered in my photography set-up.

Even without the GITD, this has plenty going on.  A toxic peach base is crammed with flakies, and leans both poisonous and golden.

This reminded me of a peach blancmange I once made at school - it's a milky kind of polish, like a pumpkin frappe.

Monster Mash is the glitterbomb of the collection, and here I have it layered over Christmas Gone Plaid from the OPI Gwen Collex.

I like this.  Missi described it as her perfect Halloween glitter and it's hard to disagree. All the right colours, and all the right shapes.

And finally .... ugh, drop your jaw and suck in that drool.  THIS is Thriller.

I remember gasping when I unwrapped it.  At that point I mistakenly thought it had a metallic quality to it, but no, this is pure darkest purple, lit with blood red fireflies.

The drama of this purple can't be understated.  It's a pure, fabulous blackcurrant which is sheer goth-a-rama on the nail.

Most incredible though is the red shimmer shining through - little particles of electricity which heat up the coldness of the purple and bring it back towards plum.  Spectactular.

The Spooky Spooky Collection launches today and can be purchased here.  Whilst you're at it, I seriously recommend you check out the 14-piece Cosmologically Speaking collection, which I treated myself to for my birthday and which really took my breath away.

These polishes were sent to me for an honest review.

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