Monday, 15 September 2014

Cici & Sisi Watercolour Stamping

Hi Goddesses

Hi everyone and happy Monday!!  Or er yeh ... Monday.

In blogging, there are certain rules, universal truths and things that cannot be denied.  Primary amongst these is that the amount YOU personally love a mani is inversely proportional to how much love it will get from your readers.  Think it's awesome?  No one will even click on it.  Think it's crap?  The whole universe loves it!  This is what happened to last week's ludicrous post on Sapphire rings lol.  Go figure.

And then there's this rule, the one I love the most - sometimes, awesome accidents happen.  Behold, said accident.

So there I am, a couple of week's ago, creating my watercolour tutorial for the Simples series (HERE) and created this base - 

Never being one to let a good base go to waste, I decided to stamp over it, and picked what I thought was a fairly mundane pattern from Cici & Sisi plate 10.

And there's another rule in itself - sometimes a stamping image takes on a life of its own when you give it a whiff of Konad.  Like smelling salts, it seems to wake from its slumber and jangle into crazy life.

And that's what this mani was.  A fairly interesting base, a boring stamping pattern and a WHAT THE HOLY HOW MOTHER OH MY GOD DID I ... DID I DO THAT ????!!!

Yup, I DID THAT and I loves it.  With thanks to the laws of the universe ;)

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