Saturday, 20 September 2014

Girly Bits - What Really Happened In Vegas Quartet

Hi Goddesses

I think I've mentioned before that Girly Bits was the very first indie polish I EVER bought (and I still own it - that's an achievement haha) and so the brand holds a very tender place in my heart.  I was overjoyed when Pam recently offered to send me some polishes for review, as it cut the price of a very expensive order down nicely!

I think there were 10 polishes in total, and I've been ahem playing with my Girly Bits a lot lol - they blend and weave beautifully together, so stay tuned over the next few weeks for some GB nail art.

Today I have the 4 polishes from the What Really Happened In Vegas Collection.  There are 2 other Vegas polishes, but as this post is already really photo heavy, I am going to post them separately.

As you'd expect, all 4 polishes were a dream to apply and wear.  No formula or application issues.  I chose to wear top coat with all these polishes, but you could get away without, if you wanted to.   By the way, these are not *just" holos.  Each of these polishes is made unique by the addition of some very special magic .....

Accidental PPV is a silver-chrome type polish.  Very opaque and almost a one coater.  In some lights its bend looks quite rubbery, like the China Glaze holos.  But then the light changes .....

This is a very bright silver, but what makes it super special is the flash of blue shimmer that runs throughout, giving it spectral overtones.

A silver holo is a silver holo usually, so it was nice to see one which brought something new to the table.

Selfie Bomb is the gold version of Accidental PPV. Again, metallic and on the verge of being overdone, this also has a cool twist.

This one is again offset with heaps of shimmer and what I love is the collision here.  Heavy, intense, warm, saturated polish and cold, gossamer-light sprinkles of fairy heaven woven throughout.

It's a weird combination, but it works, like indian gold with morning frost on top.

Too Hot To Handle is GORGEOUS, a subtle glitterbomb of awe built on my favourite magenta-violet-red base.

This is a shifting smorgasbord of loveliness.  Warmth, chill, glow, and ice burns - it's all there.

This polish is beguiling - definitely one where you spend the day turning your hand to the light to try and catch all her delicious beauty.

And finally Protect Your Girly Bits, which might be my favourite of the 4.   This is described as purple, but I have to say, mine sits quite indigo.  Before I put this on, I'd been wearing DS Glamour, and there isn't a massive amount of difference between the 2.

So what makes this one special?  The gorgeous indigo fluidity?   The intense bewitching colour?  No.  Well, yes, but no.  It's those red micro-glitters - can you see them?   They just take it way off the wow scale.

PYGB is a true stunner, and like the other 3, its true win comes from the unexpected secret it holds within its lusciousness.  In the bottle, they are like a flower in bud.  It's only on the nail they truly bloom.

You can get your fix of Girly Bits HERE and don't forget to follow on Facebook HERE.  These polishes were sent to me for an honest review.

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