Saturday, 13 September 2014

Literary Lacquers - Wrinkle In Time Collection part 1

Hi Goddesses

Today we have half of Literary Lacquers most recent collection on the blog, with the 2nd half following very quickly.

Without a doubt, the Wrinkle In Time collection is my very favourite that Amy has done.  Are the polishes better?  Actually, they probably are, but I’ll come to that later.  What really makes this collection stand out though, is how beautifully the polishes play together, as if they were made to be merged.  So the good news is, at some point, there’s a whole week of Literary Lacquer nail art coming your way!

Today we look at the purpley colours, the grey and the gorgeous blue.  First up is Aunt Beast which you first saw in Dotting Week.  This is a really bewitching polish, part grey, part taupe, part moon crumbs.

This is a really unusual colour, and also changes slightly in different lighting.  There’s definitely something extra-terrestrial about it, and I love the darker flecks in it too.

I guarantee you won’t have anything else like this in your collection.

Camazotz was the one I left til the end, the “what am I going to do with you” one.  In the bottle it looked a very uninspiring charcoal, and I wasn’t drawn to it.

On the nail though, all these dark purple tones began to spill out like Maleficent’s blood.

This is a perfect Halloween polish – it’s dark, it’s smudgy, it’s slightly secretive in releasing that purple vibe – it’s soooo deliciously witchy, I love it.

Megatron is a delicious purple holo, and at first look, I thought this would be very similar to the er many other purple holos I own.

However, this is purple holo turned up to 11.  As you can see from the photos, the bend in this is utterly spectacular – there’s almost a permanent ring of flame visible within the purple yumminess.

And then there’s those flakies, just bumping it further into Spectacular-Land.  Yup, there’s purple holos, and then there’s Megatron.

The final polish in this post is the super cute Swallowed Up In Blue.  This was probably the polish I was most drawn to initially, for its perfect tones of baby blue softness and that rich splendour of shimmer.

This may be my perfect soft blue.   The holo is delicious but not overpowering, and the shimmer just gives it another edge of beauty (even though it was hiding well in some of these photos).

For me, these are the most artisitic polishes Amy has done.  There's definitely more in her cauldron with this collection, and it's a genuinely magical formula she's created.  I’ll be back very shortly with the other 4 polishes in this collection.  As always, you can buy them HERE, and follow Amy’s Facebook page here.  These polishes were sent to me for an honest review.

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