Saturday, 13 September 2014

Literary Lacquers - Wrinkle In Time Collection part 2

Hi Goddesses

Earlier today I posted the purples, grey and blue from the new Wrinkle in Time Collection, and now I have what I have dubbed “the brights”.

We start with Tesseract, a soft, off-white holo that is utterly delicate.  This is like wearing a layer of pure ice on your nails.

I am not the sort of girl who can wear white on its own, but I have been wearing this as an art base.  Also, its delicate tones make it perfect as a bridal polish.

I used 3 coats and the photos still show VNL – I think I have super sensitive VNL lol.  You couldn’t see it in real life.

Next is what I think is my very favourite of this collection – Strong Steady Hand.

Oh I looooooove this polish.  This is a crunchy holo, in that it’s laden with glitter and holographic pulses, as well as beating with that stunning orangey-coral heart.  Will you LOOK at all that gold glowiness?

I love EVERYTHING about this polish, from the life-affirming colour, to the way the polish grabs the light and hugs it tight.  This is a stunner, and you won’t ever feel under-dressed with this on your nails.

Who Which Whatsit appeared on the blog a couple of weeks ago in a Depression Awareness post, but I wanted to show her again next to her sisters.

WWW is a super-happy Kermit green holo and even *I* love it.   It’s so bright and unashamedly GREEN that it just makes me smile whenever I see it lol.

The holo is also fabulous – super bendy, maybe it’s actually trying to SMILE – and the colour is spot-on.  Total win.

And finally, Happy Medium, a yellow holo.  Well, I think you all know what I do with yellow polishes, right, but even this one, I like.  I don’t know how Amy does it – maybe there’s some special hypnotic powder that releases when you open the bottle?

This is such a happy yellow, yet not obnoxious or overpowering.  There’s a hint of subtlety here which makes it tolerable!  I will definitely be keeping this for some crazy nail art, but as you can see, if you love yellow, and you love holo, this one top scores on both accounts.

As always, you can buy them HERE, and follow Amy’s Facebook page here.  These polishes were sent to me for an honest review.

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