Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Punky Tartan Naylls!

Hi Goddesses

A really simple mani for you tonight, but one I am quite in love with.  This was another where it ended up in such a better place than I ever expected it to.

The base is one of the polishes I made with Nayll (create your own polishes - seriously awesome, AND they're in the Giveaway, have you entered yet, have you?) called Blood N Bones.

I then stamped over it in silver using the image I'd most been drawn to on Moyou Punk 09 plate - a cross between an angry spiderweb and some scratchings out.

Finally, I added OPI Matte top coat, and THAT'S where the magic kabooooomed from.  I love this matted, love it.  Love how the silver on red looks a bit tartan, and love how the whole thing is just that *little* bit messy and demented.

Happy Hump Day!

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