Monday, 22 September 2014

Red Hot Stamping Swirls with MoYou XL Pro 20

Hi Goddesses

Welcome to Monday!  Or, welcome to Start of the Week Endurance Day!  I hate Mondays lol, so here's some pretty to divert us.

I origianlly did this mani a few weeks ago for the DD Summer Week, when I was worried I wouldn't come up with any good ideas.   Summer for me means feeling red hot and mithered all the time, so I did this hot-hot-hot base using Zoya Maura and a few swipes of pink and yellow.

The stamping design is from MoYou Pro XL 20 and is a lovely super swirly thing.  I chose to stamp in a dark burgundy, because I am just sooooo sick of the clean up Konad Black requires these days, and I think it helped add to the "we're overheating" look.

If you want to spice up your stamping, playing with your base is probably the easiest way to do it - however messy the base, it always looks artful and deliberate once the stamp lands on top.

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