Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Renaissance Cosmetics - The Danforth

Hi Goddesses

Let’s start today with 2 apologies, shall we?  Firstly, sorry for not posting yesterday.  I spent most of Sunday gardening and was KNACKERED.  I ended up going to bed at 7pm last night to make up for it lol!  I do feel so much better today though!

The second apology is this post – well, it’s unapologetic actually. It’s lengthy, laden with photos and oozing with love.  I don’t often go this overboard with a polish, but I am truly smitten with this exceptional beauty.

“This polish” is The Danforth by Renaissance Cosmetics, an indie brand run by one of my Digit-al Dozen partners-in-crime, Meghan from Will Paint Nails For Food.   She kindly offered to send me 4 polishes for review, and you will have seen my Victorian Roses this weekend, which featured all 4 polishes.  As we go through this week, you’ll get to see each one in all their solo glory.

The Danforth is just my kind of polish – purple, dark and deviant.  So far you’ve been seeing it solo – just one coat of polish on its own!  For me though, this polish really comes to life when you matte it or gloss it up.

In the above photos, I’ve kept it natural on the index and pinkie, Poshe’d it on the middle finger and matted it on the ring.  I was astounded how beautiful it looked matte, and also how I could suddenly see teal flakies!

Ah, the flakies!  That’s what truly makes this polish wonderful.  And look at it just with a top coat – suddenly it becomes darker, a polish of the twilight and the witching hour, so much darker and so much more dramatic.

I decided to stamp over this polish with a lilac metallic polish – Essie Nothing Else Metals – and a pattern from Cheeky Jumbo Plate 5.   Again, I matted it, and I love this final version – it’s so classy yet dark.  Very mistress-y!

All of the Renaissance Cosmetics polishes I tried were opaque in one coat, and looked beautiful matte or glossy.  You REALLY need to go and investigate, especially the new collection which came out last week.  You can visit Meghan’s shop HERE.

This polish was provided for an honest review.

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