Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Renaissance Cosmetics - Flirt

Hi Goddesses

Today I have the final one of the 4 polishes I was sent for review by Renaissance Cosmetics, and it may be the most gorgeous of the 4.  Maybe.  Yes.  Possibly.  Oh I don’t know, I loved them all!  

Meet Flirt, a delicious, sexy, complicated mistress of a polish, all decadence and huskiness, weighted with the history of the world, and full of naughtiness.

Flirt is a stunning medium to dark purple holo, bendier than an escort girl and sizzling with blue electricity.  She’s also adorned with flakies, and whilst I don’t usually like anything to disrupt my holo, this all plays together deliciously.  She’s many women rolled into one.

I adored the drama of this on my nails.  A polish of epicness to be sure.

Just as with the other 3 polishes, this was a one-coater (although I did 2), and was just as mind-blowing matte.  I wasn’t sure whether stamping would ruin it, but I love how it creates an oriental and exotic flavour that I wasn’t expecting.

I used an image from Cheeky Jumbo plate 5 and I think I prefer the matted version.  I can’t believe how much light this polish emits when matte.

I totally love this mani, and I’m also full of love for Renaissance Cosmetics.  Although they were sent for review, I wouldn’t hesitate to buy them, especially as most of them are one coaters.  If you want to pick any up, you can grab them HERE.

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