Sunday, 14 September 2014

SIMPLES Week 11 - Gradient

Hi Goddesses

Hmmmmm.  Where to start.  I was very much looking forward to this tutorial, and explaining the different types of gradient, and how to reverse mistakes and .... hhhmmmm.

L to R - all China Glaze - Lotus Begin, Peonies and Park Ave and In A Lily Bit

The voiceover is fine but I am really disappointed with the video - I tried a new camera angle and there are parts of the video where it really doesn't work, so I apologise deeply for that.  I may have to replace it at some point.

Gradients seem to frustrate a lot of people, and in the video I make the point that that's because a lot of people are aiming for Nailasaurus perfection.   Whilst her gradients are epic, they came with a LOT of practice, so don't beat yourself up.

The video does explain a slightly different gradient you can start with - the sloppy gradient - and also how to colour correct.


This is the key word.  Whatever type of sponge you use, your touch must be light and bouncy, as if your nail were a venus flytrap.  The bouncier your touch, the more subtle the effect.  BOUNCE !!!

Here's the video, and then we'll look at some great examples - 

So just to recap the examples you saw in the video - 

The Nailasaurus version - check our her video here.

The sloppy gradient - my preferred style.  

3 colour gradient.

Sideways gradient, painted on to sponge.

Gradienting over an existing mani and colour correcting.


In theory, yes, although some lend themselves better than others.  Very opaque polishes are hard to merge, whilst jellies are a sponging dream.

2 holos can be tricky - sometimes the light robs you of the effect you want - and just bear in mind that if you use shimmers, clean up will be a bitch!

And now some examples - 

This is my favourite ever sloppy gradient - I just love how the colours run and ooze together.

So there you go - if you have any questions, please leave them in the comments, or share them in group xx

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