Thursday, 11 September 2014

The Digit-al Dozen 2nd Anniversary Week - China Patterns

Hi Goddesses

Welcome to day 4 of Digit-al Dozen Week, as chosen by you, and today you chose china patterns, as apparently they are an alternative gift on 2nd anniversaries.

I’ve done a china pattern once before – with stamping – and desperately wanted to do something different, but Google images was not in my favour.  No matter what I searched for, I came up with the same navyish floral somethings, so that’s where we are!

The base for this was good ole OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls and I used a Konad electric blue for the stamping (and threw a mini strop that it paled so much in the process.)

This stamp was from MoYou Mother Nature plate 11 and whilst I LIKED them, they seemed well … boring.

I debated what to do, and eventually decided plates have rims, so I drew myself a little border around each nail – and look how much darker the Konad is now!  Miaow.

I still can’t decide which version I prefer.  I am not very good at ruffians, and I am also not sure they suit me.  Sometimes I still think the pure stamping version looks boring, other times I think it looks crisp and cool lol.  And then I go oooooh at the more dramatic rimmed version and ugh at my wobbly lines.

Still – at least I took photos of both!!!  Which version is your favourite?

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