Thursday, 25 September 2014

The Final GOT Polish Challenge - DS Glamour and Comparison

Hi Goddesses

Today sees the end of the GOT Polish Challenge as it currently is.   From next week, it gets replaced with the 52 week Pick n Mix Challenge, although you can still apply the GOT rules if you want to.

I wanted to commemorate the moment lol, but this is not the final prompt - this is the prompt from a couple of weeks ago: a polish you've ignored for too long.

I got DS Glamour in a swap after wanting it for ages.  Did I want it because it's awesome, or because it's so HTF?  Ah, now that's the question, and I think the fact I rarely use it hints at the latter.  Also, I feel I shouldn't waste it lol, so again, rarely used.

It's a lovely denim holo, and I do love these old OPI DS polishes for that.  It has a dreamy formula, and it's just lovely.  Notice that for me it's not "sexy" or "amazing".

Last year Ninja Polish released a dupe called Glamorous and I thought I should finally compare them.   Ninja is on the middle and ring fingers.

They are very similar, but Ninja has the volume turned up a fraction.  It's like the older OPI looks ... old .. on the nail, and the new kid on the block has a little bit more dazzle.  It's more vibrant, slightly more intense, the colour is deeper.

It's not too late to get involved in the 52 Week Challenge - all you need to do is head over to Crumpet' Nail Tarts and join in.

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