Sunday, 28 September 2014

The Sunday Rambler - There's a LOT Going On!

Hi Goddesses

Wow it's been a long time since I rambled, hasn't it?  This is a very different ramble, a ramble of excitement and thrills and OMG I'm in love with nail polish again!!!!

First of all, let's talk nail art and nail challenges.  This week saw the end of 2 great nail art challenges from Crumpet's Nail Tarts - GOT Polish and the Tri Polish Challenge.  From this week they get replaced by the awesome 52 Week Pick n Mix Challenge.

Each week there are 2 prompts - a pattern and a colour.  You can do 1 prompt, both, or amalgamate them in the same mani.  Use old polishes (GOT style), untrieds, or whatever's lying around.  We're all very excited to start.   If you want in, just click HERE to join the Tarts.

The 2nd thing is that I am also gearing up for 13 Days of Halloween, which started yesterday with the amazing Halloween Collection from Different Dimension.

I am not normally a Halloween girl, I hate the commercialisation of it, and yet there's nothing I love more than cats, witches and spookiness.  So I am hoping my series returns us to the heart of what Halloween means to me, and misses out all the cutesy nonsense that, for me, just demeans it.  It's supposed to be scary!!!

We've been busy in Crumpet's Nail Tarts - we also have a brand new 31 Day Challenge starting in January.  It's a great mix of themes, and again, if you want to take part, just come and join us to get access to the Inlinkz, prompts and the Pinterest board.

In general, polish is GOOOOOD right now.  I am having so much fun.  Is there a phrase that says "a rest is as good as a cure"?  I think in my case that is so true.  I feel rejuvenated, re-energised, overflowing with ideas and just GO GO GO, oh and I'm so glad that bloody vault is empty!  So much more manageable!

So, sit back and enjoy your October, there is -
* 13 Days of Halloween
* Digit-al Dozen does Florals
* Mod Lacquer
* Girly Bits nail art
* and much MUCH more

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